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Hey There! I'm Molly!

I’m a social media manager, content strategist and designer, digital organization strategist, and wearer of many (metaphorical) hats!


What's My Background?

I’m from a small town (I'm talking population 3,000) called Winnsboro, Texas. If you've ever heard John Mellencamp's "Small Town", that's essentially what my hometown is like. Both of my parents are doctors, so rather than going to med school like they had hoped, I went into a totally different field: English. I liked writing and editing and being a content badass, so I thought that was the field for me. But technical communication let me do all those things and more with way less literature and way more job opportunities.

I graduated with an MA in Professional and Technical Communication this May with a primary focus on content development and digital marketing. Prior to that, I graduated in 2015 with a BA in Professional and Technical Communication and a minor in Japanese.


Anything Else Interesting?

On the side, I'm a massive geek. I’m enjoy watching anime, playing video games, and participating in Dungeons and Dragons. Essentially, I'm great with team-building exercises, problem solution, and collaboration.

I'm also a cat-mom to two handsome boys, Marvin and Yuri. The two bring me joy through their affection and playfulness while keeping me on my toes with their mischief. (At least, that's the gentlest way of saying, "I love you, cats, but please stop trying to eat literal garbage while I'm not looking.") You can find photos of my cats on my Instagram!